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Miguel discovered salsa dancing more than thirty years ago. He immediately found a passion for this dance. In the 1990's, Miguel won several competitions throughout Canada , Europe and the United Sates. He also performed in different shows for many occasions. Miguel started teaching at Plaza Flamingo and other Latin clubs throughout the GTA in the early 2000's. He has a wonderful ability to make his classes and dancing techniques fun. Miguel is also known for his variation of moves, dips and tricks. He can take a very simple move and make it look beautiful, complex and elegant, yet still easily taught to new dancers. People enjoy his classes because he is innovative, creative and knows how to break down every step of a pattern. Miguel teaches salsa at all levels from beginner to the professional competition level, for both men and women. He is one of the oldest teachers in Toronto having taught the majority of the salsa population in Toronto .

"Salsa from the heart and the feet will follow"